QuikDesign Engagements

QTS QuikDesign™ engagements provide structured knowledge transfer from QTS to the customer on product features, benefits and architectures, while we work with you to understand your network and environment, leading to a design and architecture that best meets your needs and your environment.  QuikDesign™ engagements are based on QTS and Microsoft best practices and provide a strong foundation for subsequent deployment, ideally working with QTS following our QuikDeploy™ methodologies or in a QuikStart™ engagement.

QTS' QuikDesign™ for Active Directory and Exchange engagement was a winner of Microsoft's 2003 Worldwide Partner Award.

QTS' QuikDesign™ engagements for Exchange and Windows Desktop Deployment parallel Microsoft's Deployment Planning Services packaged services engagements, and can be paid for with Software Assurance benefits vouchers.  The 1 day introductory QuikDesign™ for SharePoint engagement can be paid for with an SDPS voucher, or 3 days' vouchers can be redeemed as partial payment toward the full QuikDesign™ for SharePoint engagement.

QuikDesign™ Engagements 

QuikDesign™ for SharePoint
QuikDesign™ for Exchange
QuikDesign™ for Active Directory

QuikDesign™ for Active Directory and Exchange
QuikDesign™ for Windows Desktop Deployment