QuikDeploy Engagements

QTS QuikDeploy™ engagements are time and materials project engagements where QTS deploys or upgrades technologies based on QTS' and the software vendor's best practices.  Our QuikDeploy™ methodology allows us to approach projects consistently, with repeatable processes and institutionalized knowledge and experience, to drive predictable results for our customers.

QuikDeploy™ engagements are QTS-led complete projects, even if the customer takes responsibility for specific elements of the project – if you are looking for a rapid startup and transfer of knowledge but wish to maintain ownership of most of the work and of the result, consider one of our QuikStart™ engagements which often deploy technologies in "production pilot" mode, with strong knowledge transfer and with responsibility for the ultimate deployment shifted to the customer.

All QTS engagements include strong knowledge transfer and collaboration with our clients.

QuikDeploy™ Engagements

QuikDeploy™ for Windows Desktop Deployment
QuikDeploy™ for SharePoint
QuikDeploy™ for Exchange
QuikDeploy™ for Citrix XenApp