QuikAlert Monitoring & Support

QTS' QuikAlert™ Monitoring Service allows you to concentrate on your business, and on using your IT resources in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

With QuikAlert™, you can have a team of network professionals watching over your network and proactively taking action to ensure up-time.  QTS' Customer Support Center will proactively review and monitor the health of your network, specifically checking for:

  • Backup success
  • Antivirus status
  • Server hardware health
  • Server Operating System health

We will email you reports outlining server and network health, and noting each specific condition we see that can be a problem, with a specific recommended resolution or next step.  You can take action yourself, or have us handle it for you out of the included monthly time blocks (and have any time beyond that billed monthly, or deducted from your QuikAssist™ block).

What to do with the time savings?  QuikAlert™ can allow your IT staff to focus on key, high-value activities like user support and applications support and development.  You may be able to avoid adding IT staff.  Or, if you don't have IT personnel, QTS can perform these functions remotely, and come onsite when necessary.

QuikAlert™ Benefits

QTS QuikAlert management customers realize the following benefits from the service:

  • Catch problems proactively, before they cause downtime
  • Ensure consistent, complete system backups
  • Detect virus activity, and act before it spreads
  • Detect hardware failure and replace the parts, proactively
  • Network professionals watch your network, so you don't have to
  • Extend your staff's capabilities by leveraging third-party skill and expertise
  • Allow your IT staff to focus on users, applications and other high-value activities
  • Guaranteed Response Time (varies by program level)
  • Monthly Time Included for Issue Resolution and Remediation, Proactive Management (time varies by program level)
  • Option for AppFirst Proactive Application Performance Monitoring
  • Option for Network Infrastructure and PC Monitoring
  • Worry-Free Networking!