Healthcare industry organizations have become increasingly dependent on technology over the years, with increasing cost pressures combining with the promise of technology to drive improvements in medical care.  QTS can help.

Our healthcare solutions include:

  • Secure, high-performance Remote Access solutions for doctors and health care professionals;
  • Mobile E-mail and communications solutions from Microsoft and RIM (Blackberry);
  • Web Server Optimization technologies to speed up business critical web servers;
  • Branch Office Optimization technologies to speed up access from remote facilities;
  • Wireless networking for patient/visitor access as well as clinical applications;
  • Intranet Collaborative solutions to enhance staff productivity and efficiency and to automate business processes, including medical records access;
  • Unified Communications solutions with Microsoft Exchange and OCS to enhance staff productivity;
  • Extranet solutions to integrate patients, suppliers and partners with your network and business processes;
  • Project Management solutions based on Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint technologies;
  • Business Intelligence solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and PerformancePoint technologies and Microsoft SQL Server, to enhance business decision-making and management;
  • Security Evaluation Services, to help with HIPAA compliance and secure access to patient data;
  • Tablet PC solutions for mobile professionals, leveraging Microsoft, HP and Lenovo technologies;
  • Digital Rights Management solutions from Microsoft and Gigatrust;
  • Security solutions to protect confidential data and intellectual property, and to secure client and partner communications;
  • Network Infrastructure Solutions from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, NetApp, Cisco and HP;
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions to maximize uptime and access to systems and data;
  • Development of customized applications to meet specific business needs.

QTS knows healtcare solutions.  We have been working with hospitals and medical care providers since our company's inception nearly 20 years ago, and our partners provide a broad range of industry-specific solutions.

For more information on Microsoft's vision for Healthcare and Life Sciences, click here.

Representative Clients

Chilton Memorial Hospital
Christian Healthcare Center
Englewood Hospital
Northeast Radiology
University of Medicine & Dentistry, New Jersey
Van Dyk Health Care
West Parkway Ambulatory Surgical Center
Warren Hospital

Key Solution Vendors