Vision and Mission

QTS was incorporated in 1992 with a clearly defined sense of purpose – to provide top quality service and technology solutions to customers in the legal and corporate marketplace.

Our approach is based on an emphasis on internal teamwork and camaraderie, maintaining a positive and rewarding work environment for our staff. Our external focus is on choosing the right technology components for our customers, and on a commitment to service excellence for our customers.

We share our internal mission statement and our vision statement to entrench our commitment to you, our customers and partners, and ultimately help us better achieve our goals.

QTS’ Vision Statement

QTS will be the premier provider of high-quality technology solutions to New Jersey and New York area businesses. In so doing, we will:

  • Treat our relationship with our customers as a partnership and strive to provide them with business solutions that deliver excellent value for their investment;
  • Deliver best of class products with excellence in installation, training and support;
  • Provide our employees with a challenging and rewarding work environment with a strong team focus and continued professional growth;
  • Constantly re-evaluate and improve our operations to enhance QTS’ quality, efficiency and responsiveness; and
  • Operate profitably, allowing for re-investment in our operations to remain a technology leader and to grow shareholder value.

QTS’ Mission Statement

QTS is a leading systems integrator providing quality service to the New Jersey and New York area customers. Our solutions and commitment combine to provide our clients with a worry-free network environment. We help our clients grow their businesses and profits with technology.

  1. Our relationship with our customers is a partnership.

Our role is to help the customer achieve their business and technology goals. Our focus is on providing business solutions for our customers, and our commitment to the customer will show in all our activities. Through this we will foster mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients.

  1. We will maintain a focus on quality in all service delivery.

By emphasizing well-planned and carefully executed work with proper follow-up and documentation, we will ensure that our work product meets the client’s needs and can be properly utilized and maintained. By maintaining a focus on quality assurance, we will build and maintain a reputation for excellence and continue to generate referral business from our customers and partners.

  1. Customer satisfaction is a crucial job responsibility for every QTS employee!

We will continue to emphasize service and responsiveness to our customers, and follow-up to close out open issues as promptly as possible.

  1. We will support a highly reliable and robust product line, from industry standard to leading edge, and focus on applying these solutions to help our clients.

By fostering long-term business partner relationships with key industry vendors, we will bring the best possible solutions to our customers and excel in delivering and supporting our partners’ technologies.

  1. We will constantly evaluate our operations.

Through self evaluation and by soliciting customer input, we will identify new opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and responsiveness to our customers. This will improve our profitability and enhance our image in the marketplace.

  1. We will work together as an efficient and effective team.

Through teamwork, we will maintain the level of camaraderie and mutual respect that has fueled our growth and success. We understand that we all depend closely on each other to meet our goals and must work together to provide the highest possible level of quality and service to our customers.

  1. We will continually challenge our employees.

We provide the environment that challenges employees’ creativity, develops their job knowledge and skills, encourages their ideas and input, and fuels their commitment to the company while maintaining an exciting and pleasant work environment – Quality Solutions begin with Quality People!