Worry Free Networking

QTS has been using the tagline “Worry-Free Networking” since the early 1990s, based on our mission of helping customers to build highly reliable, highly available networking infrastructure that is secure and well-managed.  Our goal is to help customers to prevent problems and outages, by building out infrastructure the right way the first time – sometimes at greater up-front cost, but ultimately with a lower cost of ownership and support.

Our customers have benefitted from this approach and philosophy for over 18 years, first in the Novell days in the 1990s, then in the Microsoft world post-2000.  By eliminating single points of failure and creating highly available, redundant infrastructure, we reduce the chance of system downtime and optimize the value your systems provide to your business.

There are always choices to be made, and those choices are sometimes constrained by budgets, but our goal is to give customers good options and ensure that we can build the best infrastructure possible for a given situation based on the customer’s environment and budget – and in our experience this approach tends to lead to high uptime, solid business value and ROI, and an ability to focus forward on new initiatives rather than backward fixing problems.