The Cloud can be a turbulent place, or one of tranquility.  But Cloud.9™ is a good place to be – a peaceful, safe place where your technology is optimized and you have found the balance between on-premise systems, including Private Clouds, and Cloud-based applications and services.

QTS works with our customers to determine the appropriate workloads to move to the Cloud based on your business and your technology environment.  We call our supported Cloud platforms “Cloud.9™,” and we help our customers get there to experience Worry-Free Networking™ both on-premise and in the Cloud.

The most important part of leveraging the Cloud is planning – determining the appropriate workloads to consider for moving to the Cloud based on your business and its culture, the integrations between your platforms and applications, and the way you use each workload.  No two businesses have the same systems or profile, and your particular strategy will be unique.

QTS can offer you a Cloud Assessment, leveraging Microsoft tools and QTS’ expertise, to help you determine the appropriate Cloud strategy for your business.

QTS offers a broad family of Cloud.9 solutions that span all major categories of Cloud services:

  • Software as a Service (“SaaS”)
  • Platform as a Service (“PaaS”)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”)

QTS’ Cloud.9 solutions leverage our strategic vendor partnerships with Microsoft, Symantec and others, and cover a broad range of solution areas including:

  • Cloud-Based Exchange, SharePoint and Office Communications Solutions (Office 365);
  • Cloud-Based Anti-Spam/Antivirus services with Microsoft ForeFront Online Security for Exchange and Symantec MessageLabs Hosted Email Security;
  • Cloud-Based CRM with Microsoft CRM Online;
  • Cloud-Based Applications Delivery Platform via Microsoft Azure;
  • Cloud-Based Systems Management;
  • Cloud-Based Hosted Virtual Machines (“Infrastructure as a Service”);
  • Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery Services;
  • Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Services;
  • Cloud-Based Application Performance Monitoring from AppFirst;
  • Cloud-Based Rights Management Services from GigaTrust;
  • Cloud-Based Content Filtering Services from WebSense;
  • Cloud-Based IP Telephony from M5;
  • Network and Applications Support through our QuikAssist™ support plan, and server monitoring through our QuikAlert™ Monitoring Service.

Let QTS take you to Cloud.9™, at the pace that’s right for your business, and as part of helping you to build a 21st Century Network™.