QTS was founded by President and CEO Neil Rosenberg on April 3, 1992, with the goal of providing Quality Technology Solutions to law firms and businesses in the New Jersey and New York metro area.  Although our focus evolved over time from the legal marketplace to a more general and well-rounded client base, our roots in the legal community helped to drive QTS’ professionalism and its attentiveness to avoiding disruption and downtime, to the benefit of all QTS’ clients.

In 1993-1996, QTS rapidly grew in staffing and client base, achieving Novell Gold and then Platinum Partner status while building a management team and a base of network engineers and applications specialists.  QTS was one of the first partners regionally to join the fledgling Microsoft Partner Program, while also delivering a variety of networking and legal applications solutions.

From 1997-1999, QTS increased its heavy focus on the Legal market, doing larger and larger projects for New Jersey and NYC law firms, leading to a number of very large Y2K projects.  QTS continued to evolve its advanced networking solutions base.

From 2000-2003, the conclusion of the Y2K window, followed by 9/11 and the bursting of the Dot-Com “bubble” impacted QTS just as it did our industry, forcing us to re-evaluate our business plan and re-invent QTS.  Our key decisions were to focus on the mid-market business space, to reduce our dependency on the Legal marketplace, to move away from Novell and toward Microsoft as our primary software partner, and to develop our Information Security practice to differentiate QTS from the competition.  The focus on security was timely, and QTS went on to be a local leader in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative and partnered deeply with Microsoft in this space, starting our run of award-winning years in the Microsoft NY/NJ District.

From 2004-2007, QTS began another wave of strong growth, building upon the Microsoft relationship while expanding our partnership (and achieving Gold Partner status) with Citrix.  QTS won two Microsoft Worldwide Partner awards, and expanded its practices around System Center and systems management and SharePoint.  QTS achieved high year-over-year growth, leading to recognition as an Inc. Magazine 5000 Fast Growth Companies list member (number 2,283) for this period in 2008.

From 2008-2010, QTS continued to re-invent itself with an expanded focus on the Storage and Virtualization space, achieving VMware Enterprise Partner status while also leading local Microsoft Hyper-V deployments and embracing the Citrix virtualization platforms.  QTS has worked closely with Microsoft to embrace the Cloud, while adding to its line of Cloud solutions from Microsoft and other partners and service providers.  Our focus on SharePoint also led to an expansion of that practice to include deeper application and solution development skills.  Although the economic downturn slowed QTS’ growth in this period, we have weathered the storm and are coming out of this challenging window positioned to resume our growth while providing exceptional service quality to our customers.

As we begin a new decade, QTS is poised to continue helping our customers implement Quality Technology Solutions, Worry-Free!